What People Say…

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is so remarkable about training with Eric. It could be his commitment to finding the best way to teach me a new move, even if it means explaining it in 6 different ways before 1 finally clicks. Or maybe it’s (...)

Eric was able to see what elements of my training were missing or needed most attention and able to push me into a completely different fitness and skill level. He knows how to push you to the point of feeling you have nothing left but feeling (...)

Two pieces of advice to anyone looking to start boxing:

1. Get Eric as your trainer
2. Don't get in the ring with him

Whether you're looking to train for fitness or to compete, if you have a solid level of fitness or are a complete (...)

Eric is a great trainer, he works on perfecting technique just as much as training hard!
It's everything you could want

I started training with Eric when I was a rookie who was enthusiastic about (but terrible at) everything to do with boxing. I wanted to learn, though I had no idea where to start and nothing to work with: I’m by no means a natural (...)